Nicole is passionate about improving the quality of life of others.  She is a seeker who has sought out her life purpose with persistence and determination.  Her search has guided her towards serving others in the healing process and bridging Western and Eastern approaches to healthcare.

Nicole is a Certified Yoga Therapist (1000 hours of training through an accredited program, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy), Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, and a  licensed PTA.  She began her journey in healing with her own personal yoga practice which eased her intermittent back pain and by attaining a degree and license as a PTA.  ​

​After accomplishing her studies with the Western approach to healthcare, she discovered that, although there were great benefits to that approach, there was something missing. From her experiences with her personal yoga practice, she was guided toward developing her knowledge, heart, and inner being and she traveled to India to study yoga and become a teacher.  Bridging these two approaches became her passion which led her to discovering the profession of Yoga Therapy. Nicole’s particular interest is with providing people with tools to decrease stress and focus on self-care.

Currently, Nicole is enrolled in the Clinical Nutrition Master Degree Program at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  During her free time, Nicole enjoys being in nature and spending time with her loved ones.  Nicole’s journey in life thus far has provided her with a collection of material and information from various sources that she has the desire to share in the hope to give people ease, peace, joy, balance, health, and love